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Are You Ready
  • Are You Ready
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This was an album I wanted to record with some ol' friends. We used to knock around in Perth together when we first started our music careers. We each toured in various bands, sometimes lived together, developed as musicians together, recorded the odd song together and got drunk together. Brad and DJ played in many successful acts together around Perth while I did the solo thing and travelled around Australia chasing the dream. Life took different directions for each of us and after an absence of many years, I returned to Perth and thought it a good idea to make a full album of music together while we still had the chance, the drive, the time and the money?
Whilst we seem to be in an era when making an album is a dying art form, we're still a bit old school and continue to enjoy an album of music in a quality format, and not some squashed up slither of audio that the billionaire nerds sell ya.

"Life's too short for shit music"

We hope you feel the same way, cheers!

Tracklist: 1. Are You Ready 2. Falling Down A Rainbow 3. Reasons 4. Old Folks 5. Someday 6. Can't You See 7. Hold Onto Your Dress 8. Out Of Bed 9. The Tragedy Is Over 10. Long Ago

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5 Songs - EP
  • 5 Songs - EP
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Released November 2012

"Recorded in his spare bedroom studio, it's Matt's first foray into recording his own music and a big learning curve.  He built the studio, bought the gear, learnt how to use it, wrote the songs and recorded the music. The tracks were then taken to be mixed and mastered by Rob Grant at Poonshead Studio in Fremantle, WA.  
Rob put it through all his rare vintage sound gear and polished it up real nice!

Tracklist: 1. Someday 2. Hold Onto Your Dress 3. The Water 4. World Keeps Spinning Around 5. Flesh & Blood

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The Blue Light Show
  • The Blue Light Show
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The title and idea came about whilst living in Perth many years ago. I used to live alone in this big empty house and had plenty of time to play music into the early hours of the morning. I used to write a lot melancholic ol’ songs and never knew quite what to do with them. They didn’t seem the type of songs that you could play in the pubs or that would even be popular…. a little too mellow for the regular folks. In the corner of the front room of the house, I had a blue light set-up to give a bit of atmosphere. There was something about the blue light that seemed to accompany the feeling of the songs. To me they weren’t depressing or necessarily sad, but more along the lines of life, love, loss, beauty and hope. Some of those songs went by the wayside and some remained. “The Blue light Show” represents the songs from that time and some from the intervening years, through to a couple that just appeared during the process of making the record. 'I’m Comin’ Home', for instance, came about one sleepless morning around 5am after a particularly hard time in the studio the day before. It seemed, to sum up, what we were trying to achieve with this record and became one of my favourite tracks. The record was recorded at Woodstock Studios in Melbourne, Australia. Produced by Troy Trigwell and myself, it was Troy who really gave this record the direction it needed. When I first met Troy and went into the studio, I just had a collection of songs of various styles. While the songs were good, there was no real artistic direction. From an outside perspective, Troy saw my strengths and weaknesses and it was decided that a few months break and a more focused approach was the best way to go. We shared a lot of the same musical tastes and ideas about what making music should really be about. It should be about the song or an expression of a way of thinking, the basics of why people love music in the first place, a connection you feel with something that just seems to grab you and move you in a personal way. We decided, lets not just make another CD, let's make a cohesive record, with a certain sound and feeling, a certain mood, something we could listen to years down the track and say, “Hey, you know….that ain’t too bad”.   

TrackList: 1. Rock My World 2. Under A Tree 3. Marry You 4. Bones 5. I'm Comin' Home 6. Scattered Dreams 7. Not The One 8. Song Of Despair 9. Came Away 10. My World

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Matt Angell
  • Matt Angell
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The self-titled album (Matt Angell) features 12 original tracks, recorded at The White Room Recording Studio in Brisbane, Australia, in the latter part of 2004.
Contains some of the first songs I ever wrote (Six String & Rollo's Blues). 

It was a busy time recording this album. Flying back and forth from Airlie Beach to Brisbane, sometimes only for a night in the studio, then back again for gig commitments. 
But when I look back, it wasn't a bad effort.  Exhausting but enjoyable!

TrackList: 1. Rollo's Blues 2. Six String 3. Pretty Girls 4. Cool Summer Water 5. Bread 6. Minor key 7. Looking Out My Window 8. Thin Man 9. - 10. Nearly High 11. Throw It All Away 12. Go Now

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Download Card
  • Download Card
  • Download Card
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'5 more' EP - download card.

Send as a gift, with your next letter to that special person! Remember those...letters that is?

Note: example only...this card has been used.

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