From the recording Circles

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The first track released off the album.


I’m not asking for much, just a kind tender touch
Someone to hold when times are hard
Shelter from cold through the winter months
And to see the light on your face as you lay by my fire

Yeah, I’m not wanting a love that comes and goes like wild ocean storms
To be smashed against rocks and slowly crushed
Shackled in chains only to rust until there is no piece of us
Just bones in the sand, is that too much to ask?

And take all that I have, cause I know in truth it ain’t much
But it’s all I can give, it’s all that I am
And all that there ever was is there in the end
And I’ll dive into you and be carried away
Far to a brighter day, far to a better way
I hear the lightning in the sky calling me home again

Yeah, I’m not asking for much. I just need something I can trust
Show me the way through all that shall come
Stand by my side, until the winter has passed
And I’ll close my eyes when all this is done
And see the light on your face as you lay by my fire again
Is that too much to ask