Are You Ready - CD
  • Are You Ready - CD
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This was an album I wanted to record with some ol' friends. We used to knock around in Perth together when we first started our music careers. We each toured in various bands, sometimes lived together, developed as musicians together, recorded the odd song together and got drunk together. Brad and DJ played in many successful acts together around Perth while I did the solo thing and travelled around Australia chasing the dream. Life took different directions for each of us and after an absence of many years, I returned to Perth and thought it a good idea to make a full album of music together while we still had the chance, the drive, the time and the money?
Whilst we seem to be in an era when making an album is a dying art form, we're still a bit old school and continue to enjoy an album of music in a quality format, and not some squashed up slither of audio that the billionaire nerds sell ya.

"Life's too short for shit music"

We hope you feel the same way, cheers!

Tracklist: 1. Are You Ready 2. Falling Down A Rainbow 3. Reasons 4. Old Folks 5. Someday 6. Can't You See 7. Hold Onto Your Dress 8. Out Of Bed 9. The Tragedy Is Over 10. Long Ago

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